Effortless Protection

Adrestia R&D offers a complete vulnerability assessment that extends beyond asset immunization to make your personnel a human firewall against malicious penetration trials while minimizing repetitive work.

Redefining Vulnerability Assessment

Pick the plan that suits your needs:

Elegance & Simplicity

The Elegance & Simplicity  Program is best suited for SMEs that want a basic vulnerability assessment service, while keeping their company’s expenses to the minimum. Elegance & Simplicity program is a great value for money option.

In-Depth Immunization

The in-Depth Immunization Program is conceptualized and developed with large scaled enterprises in mind. Offering complete support, awareness, and monitoring both for technical and social aspects.

Tailored Protection

The Tailored Protection Program is a custom solution developed from the ground up, specifically targeting the enterprise candidate. Enabling you to decide what services best fit your needs.

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