Redefining Vulnerability Assessment

Adrestia R&D offers a complete vulnerability assessment that extends beyond asset immunization to make your personnel a human firewall against malicious penetration trials.

About Adrestia:

Adrestia the daughter of God of War, "Ares" and Goddess of Love, "Aphrodite" is the uniting element between War and Love; Good and Evil ;
Research and Development.

Adrestia was established in 2020, with a main objective to reach an equilibrium in Research and Development, and unite the best of the two worlds. Company’s R&D department comprises a network of experts (partner SMEs, research institutes, public sector companies as well as high qualified individuals) that maximize the success rate in every undertaking of single or multiple projects, in a variety of fields. The staff of Adrestia has participated for over 18 Years in numerous EU and National funded programs, and have gained expertise in the fields of Energy, Cybersecurity, Tourism, Health, and Knowledge-sharing. Under the prism of technology, ecology & human interaction, Adrestia handles projects in the aforementioned areas.

Coverage That Scales With Your Company:

Elegance & Simplicity

Simplicity & Elegance program is best suited for SMEs that want a basic vulnerability assessment service, while keeping the cost to minimum.

In-Depth Immunization

In-Depth Immunization program is conceptualized and developed with large scaled enterprises in mind. Offering complete support, awareness and monitoring both for technical and human aspects.

Tailored Protection

Tailored Protection Program is a custom solution developed from the ground up, specifically targeting the enterprise candidate. Enabling you to decide what services best fit your needs.

Meet Adrestia R&D's Allies:


Our Indefatigable Robotic Sidekick Is Managing All Your Repetitive Labor.


Turn Your Personnel Into A Impenetrable Human Firewall.


Fully Automated Vulnerability Detection and Assessment. 

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