Horizon Europe Projects:

Projects under the Horizon Europe prism that Adrestia participates in:


In accordance with the principles of responsible/trustworthy AI by employing a co-development approach as the foundation methodology TRUSTEE proposes a secure-by-design Federated Platform in accordance with EU data strategy (COM (2020) 66) and the main EU reference architectures (GAIA-X, EOSC, EGI) in the sector, capable of ensuring interoperability, enabling cross-border scenarios, and scaling a variety of AI-based applications through the use of open APIs, with the goal of making the EU the world's most secure and trustworthy data hub.


CHAMELEON is a Horizon Europe Project that aims to optimise production and identify potential problems in agriculture, livestock, forestry and rural areas. To achieve this, the CHAMELEON Project use a novel reconfigurable drone, able to modify its configuration and sizing upon demand, which can be deployed in homogeneous or heterogeneous groups to support complex scenarios, as well as a set of existing heterogeneous, modular, interoperable, networked unmanned vehicles systems.


Horizon Europe is the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation. The programme facilitates collaboration and strengthens the impact of research and innovation in developing, supporting and implementing EU policies while tackling global challenges. It supports creating and better dispersing of excellent knowledge and technologies.



SNS JU Project at 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association. iTrust6G aims at designing and implementing a network architecture implementing the zero-trust principles to increase the trustworthiness of 6G networks at several levels: AI/ML algorithm exploited for threat handling, asset compliance, explainable security policies and asset observability.


RAIDO will identify the critical technology gaps and invent, optimize, assess and demonstrate the key enablers for optimized AI solutions for model design and efficient data usage. This project will address both focus areas but the main one is on ‘automated and AI-based mining, harvesting, selection, cleaning, annotation, and/or enrichment/ augmentation of data for AI; generating and using synthetic data to reduce the need for large volumes of real and potentially sensitive data; validating the efficiency of these processes in AI systems’.



Space-Air-Ground Last Mile Infrastructure & Dynamic Programmable Distributed Environment For Edge Farming. Open source solutions for edge, cloud and mixed model applications to strengthen production and administrative capacities in agriculture