Human Vulnerability Assessment


Turn your personnel into a impenetrable human firewall.

of data breaches were caused by human error​
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of data breaches were caused by internal actors​
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Tackling human vulnerablity assessment:

Human vulnerability assessment, specifically for social engineering attacks, involves assessing an organization’s susceptibility to attacks that exploit human behavior and psychology. This type of assessment can also be complex and requires a deep understanding of human behavior and how it can be manipulated by attackers. One way to simplify this process for end-users is through security awareness training. This training can include simulated attacks, such as phishing emails, to help employees recognize and respond to social engineering tactics. Additionally, regular security training can be provided to ensure employees stay up-to-date on the latest attack methods and how to avoid them. On the back-end, security professionals can conduct more in-depth assessments to identify weaknesses in an organization’s policies, procedures, and physical security measures that could be exploited by social engineers. By addressing human vulnerabilities, an organization can reduce the risk of successful social engineering attacks, ultimately improving its overall security posture.