Technical Vulnerability Assessment

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of ICT companies have high risk vulnerabilities present on their network perimeter​
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of data breaches were caused by unpatched vulnerabilities​
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of applications have security flaws​
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Tackling technical vulnerablity assessment:


Technical Vulnerability assessment, is a complex and overwhelming process for the average end user. To address this, our approach is to simplify the process for the end user while we handle the complexity on the back end. This is being achieved by creating user-friendly interfaces or tools that automate the technical steps involved in vulnerability assessment. By doing so, the end user can focus on understanding the results and taking action to improve their security posture, without needing to have in-depth technical knowledge. At the same time, the complexity of the assessment process can be handled by security professionals who have the expertise and resources to carry out thorough assessments and provide actionable recommendations. This approach allows for a more effective and efficient vulnerability assessment process, ultimately leading to improved security for the end user.